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Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing.

Established in 2006

Turning Point Tool was established in 2006 as a custom CNC machine shop. We started by offering custom CNC machined parts, fixtures, and short run production machining. Back then, we were located in a small space of an industrial complex on Boxart St. in Rochester, NY.

Behind the Name

We used to be located close to Turning Point Park, an historical geographic area of the Genesee River. The area was so large that there was enough room to turn large freighters around. We adopted the name as a metaphor of what we can offer our customers, a turning point. Putting a strong emphasis on personal service and high quality, elements that we noticed were being forgotten in the current business economy.

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As the business grew, our background and reputable history in injection mold building helped us to grow our capacity for mold building. In May 2008, we re-located to our present facility. Expanding to 5000 sq. ft., and adding a Makino F5 High Speed Machining Center, Mitsubishi CNC EDM with C-axis, Mitsubishi FA-10 MD-PRO Wire EDM, and Roku Roku High Speed Graphite Mill. This has helped us grow and continue to be a reliable quality mold supplier to OEM's and custom molding facilities.

Our Mission

Turning Point Tool, LLC., in all segments of the organization, is committed to completely satisfying our customers and contributing to their success. We achieve this through excellence in workmanship, innovative technology, continuous improvement and utilizing an ethical quality management philosophy.

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